becca kicks butt (beccakicksbutt) wrote,
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Dear Becca,

You are not 21 any longer.  You can not go out drinking your face off and then get up and go to work the next morning.  You will feel like complete and utter shit and will have the mental capacity of a stapler.  Also?  You will crave nothing more than Fountain Coke which is full of sugars and calories and most importantly, points.  You can not afford these points since you drank your face off last night.  Also?  You forgot that while delicious, Blue Moon is not a light beer and therefore it is 3 points instead of 2. 

Please keep this all in mind the next time you decide to party like it's 2002. 


Your Old Body

In other drinking related news, I'm most likely going to defy said Old Body tonight and drink more.  It's Amanda's birthday and i haven't seen her in months.  In fact, I haven't seen her since she got Gastric Bypass.  I'm not gonna lie, there's a part of me that's hugely jealous that she did that, but I am curious to see how the weight loss efforts are going.  I know she lost a ton in the begining (obviously), but now that she's able to eat (and drink!) whatever she feels it still working?  Is she actually working out?  Is she taking this seriously and going about it in a healthy way rather than a vanity thing?  Man...I'm gonna need to be drunk to be at this bar with her.  I wish I didn't waste my beer  in  the fridge on pregaming for last night.  Tonight's when it will be needed.  There will be a lot of people there that I need to be drunk to be around.....  Maybe I won't go, though.  I got this e-mail to do some extra work for an adidas commercial paying $200 tomorrow morning.  The only catch?  6am call time.  bleah.  We'll see.

I also promised Jena I'd go out with her wed night.  This was stupid of me.  Not only does that girl drink like a fish, but Wed night I have class and might want to go out with my New Friends. I DO want to go out wed night  Next weeked will be filled with the Navy Boys so there will be plenty of drinking to be had with them.  Can't let them think i've turned into a pussy without them around!  ugh...I really need to cut back.  This is seriously one of my main problems.  I would save so much money if i stayed in as well.  I'm not good at going to a bar and not having a drink in my hand.  Maybe after the Navy Boy visit I'll stay in that week.  If I go out tonight and drink like I'm planning, I'll have been drunk 3 nights in a row.  Thankfully last week I stayed in, but the week before when Holly was in town I went out Tues (although, I think I only had one beer), Thurs, Fri, Sat, and drank all day Sunday.  This is not good.  Oh Alcohol, I just don't know how to quit you.

In other news, last night I had a dream that I got the role of Tracy in the National Tour of Hairspray.  I was quite disappointed to wake up and find it wasn't true.  Can we make this happen, please?  kthnxbi.

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